Incomplete Neighborhood Derby – La Nueva España

At the meeting, together with the president of Ceares, his Indus counterpart, Diego Junquera, attends. He is also accompanied by the coaches of both groups, the cearista Pablo Busto and the factory worker Miguel Martín. And a player from each team, Pelayo Muñiz from Ceares and Alberto Álvarez from Gijón Industrial, both from their teams’ neighborhood, put the finishing touch to the meeting.

La Cruz, without an audience, hosts the Ceares and Gijón Industrial clash at 12.30 pm. Pelayo Muñiz breaks the ice to warn that, although the “main essence is missing, which is the public in the stands”, Ceares have a pending account: “I have been four years, and I practically did not win any derby, they do better It’s time for the streak to finally change ”. Alberto Álvarez, Industrial forward, answers, who hopes to score his first goal in this special Third Party match in the city. “It seems that it is less, for being Third, but it is the Gijón derby, but it is all more natural and homemade, it is something unique”, he says before adding the game he hopes: “Hopefully we continue with the streak, I already Indus fans remember that we have to keep winning that we are good at Ceares ”.

In sports, Gijón Industrial arrives with uncertainty, with five casualties. “I hope to recover at least a couple of players,” confesses Miguel Martín, a factory technician, who despite having obtained better results prefers to remove that favorite tag. “Playing on natural grass is quite an important change for us, the last time we did it was a year ago. It is a game that anyone can win. We will see very similar teams, with the same level of staff ”, adventure. Pablo Busto, Ceares coach, also obviates this condition of having to win, due to the fact that the game takes place in his stadium. “We are a newer bloc, the Industrial one maintains more personnel from last year, and they have obtained a point of great merit in Avilés”, he says. Although Ceares was also able to stop another of the category’s bones, Caudal, with an away draw on the last day.

The conversation, inevitably, ends up getting into the extra sport aspect. The first measure for the pandemic has been that there is no public, but it is unknown if the season will continue. “The two clubs said from minute zero there was no need to start the season, but it shouldn’t stop either. If it started, you have to take the consequences, and now you have to continue or suspend it permanently. The guarantees of having an audience did not exist, now it is difficult to play without that income ”, emphasizes Diego Junquera, president of Industrial. “The priority that he should have worried about was not to start for health reasons and not for economic reasons”, underlines the Ceares leader.

In the directives they throw numbers in a very complicated year. On the pitch too, although players and coaches assume the difficulty, they do send a message of enthusiasm for playing. “Once you start, you want to continue competing”, they coincide in highlighting the players. “We have to adapt to what there is, and if there are casualties, then shoot youth”, assume the technicians.