Iñaki Williams asks Luis Enrique for a turn

Iñaki Williams it is claimed in the best possible scenario. Where the spotlights shone the brightest. In a category match such as the final of this new Spain Supercup that has driven the RFEF of Luis Rubiales and that in its second edition it has made it clear that it does not stop growing. A final four format where anyone can win the tournament, as seen in Andalusia.

Athletic forward he made the winning goal, which is already a lot. Something beautifully made that has fully entered the history of the Basque team. But his party was much more. The attacker became a constant danger for the Barcelona defense. The first goal was born from his boots thanks to a perfect pass to De Marcos that ended in a 1-1 draw. Then it was a constant danger until the star moment arrived, when a whiplash from him ended up being trained by Ter Stegen’s squad to give the Bilbao title the title. And all this, under the watchful eye of Luis Enrique.

The selector he did not miss any detail of the Iñaki Williams game. The Asturian has been present in all three matches of the Spanish Super Cup and has been able to observe in person the moment of many of his internationals. And how can it be otherwise, he has had a great impression of a forward, one of the positions where the national coach has more doubts.

The Spanish selection The casting of forwards of the national team has not completely closed. Many have tried their luck, but the reality is that few have gotten a definitive site. In fact, Gerard Moreno and Oyarzabal are the only ones who have been in all the calls that Luis Enrique has given since his return. Another who has many options to be on the next lists is Rodrigo, although he was left out of the last call because of the coronavirus, while the rest of the options are open and the state of form will determine who is in the Eurocup. Morata, Iago Aspas, Paco Alcácer and Iñaki Williams will fight to get the Asturian’s attention in the coming months.