In video Mia Khalifa delights your palate with a delight

In video Mia Khalifa delights your palate with a delight | Instagram

The model and actress Mia Khalifa shared a video where it appears delighting your palate with a delicious piece of bread stuffed with melted cheese.

Something that is well known about this beautiful Lebanese celebrity is that she loves to eat, on several occasions we have seen that on her official Instagram account she shares photos and videos enjoying some restaurants.

Mia khalifa He knows perfectly where he can find his snacks of any kind, precisely one that caught his attention was the one he was enjoying a few days ago in one of his Instagram stories.

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The model and businesswoman He was eating a piece of cheese wrapped in a kind of bread that surrounded the cheese, it was baked so when eating it freshly hot and eating it, the cheese would melt.

This piece had the thickness of a hotdog sausage and wrapped in the bread it became a little larger, surely more than one of the admirers of the model immediately remembered some of her scenes from her 2014 movies.

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It seems that whatever action the model takes immediately, some of the Internet users who see her remember her old job in adult cinema.

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