In trouble ?, Come La Alegría in the absence of drivers

In trouble ?, Come La Alegría in the absence of drivers | Instagram

¿Come the joy in serious trouble ?, the spoiled morning of Aztec TV It was carried out today in the absence of two of your beloved conductors. It did not go unnoticed that this Monday Cynthia Rodríguez and Flor Rubio did not appear on the small screen.

The competition of the Hoy Program will suffer the absence of these two celebrities for a longer time, because according to what was announced, both drivers will take a week of vacation, so there is nothing to worry about, as they will return.

What worried many was who would replace Carlos Rivera’s beautiful girlfriend in the host of the current reality show Venga La Alegría, “I want to sing“However, they were surely very pleased to see the beauty of Alicia Machado coming to television.

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Apparently Cynthia Rodríguez is having an incredible time on these days off, since she shared on her Instagram account that she was in Madrid, where she attended a concert by her beloved former academic, Carlos Rivera.

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For her part, Flor Rubio was the one who shared on her radio program on Grupo Fórmula that both she and Cynthia would be absent for a week. The entertainment journalist indicated that due to the pandemic she had sheltered at home, but a year and a half later it would be time to go to the beach as a family.

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The reality show I want to sing is being a success for Venga La Alegría, even this Monday it became a trend in social networks. Definitely one of the news that most altered the world of the internet is that the star Lyn May would join the competition.

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Those who have had the most criticisms are Anette Cuburu and Laura G, since the viewers have not been anything benevolent in talking about the talent, which they do not have, on stage when singing. Meanwhile, the reality show has also given something to talk about after Galilea Montijo’s remarks that the TV Azteca morning would be copying the formula for success to the Hoy Program.

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