In transparencies Noelia walks through the streets very flirtatious

In transparencies Noelia walks through the streets very flirtatious | Instagram

The singer who is also a model businesswoman and celebrity from Puerto Rico Noelia managed to captivate the pupil of her fans thanks to a recent video where he appears wearing his figure as he usually does in his Instagram content.

Noelia He shared this new video 23 hours ago, where he aims where the first thing was to show off his charms in transparencies, although he was wearing leggings these let his later charms show a little.

To enhance this the interpreter of “Candle“She was wearing high boots, with them she managed to highlight her pretty figure even more, if you are a woman you will surely know the effect that any high shoe has, because it manages to stylize your figure and make it look much better.

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Literally this afternoon she tried to be an Imp and distract everyone at the Auto Shop and Dealer, “wrote Noelia.

The one we think was her second objective was to promote this workshop that she acquired a few months ago, in addition to the fact that the singer concentrates on her music, she has not stopped working on various projects as an entrepreneur, artist and social media personality.

So far it has 62,027 views, it has 175 comments, among which they highlight that her beauty has no equal, other followers long to be able to find her on the street as well as they go out of their way for her beauty.


Although she is only walking inside her workshop, some cars pass by on the street and almost certainly they decided to turn to see her to enjoy the panorama.

The outfit she was wearing looked like a full bodysuit with suspenders, obviously she had clothes under the jumpsuit and it was the one that was immediately noticeable, at the top it seems to have a very striking woven style, it reveals its charms because the cut above It is something deep, so we immediately see the garment that he wears underneath.

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While the sun touched her beautiful skin, Noelia covered herself a bit with some beautiful blue sunglasses with which she created an interesting contrast with her light black outfit.

Although she did not show her new workshop as much as on other occasions, it is also something exciting to know that the singer takes the time to promote some of her projects, we hope she will be successful in each and every one of them, something she will surely achieve.

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