In Tlalancaleca they recover stolen trailer; driver does not appear

Andrés Sánchez Pastén

Puebla / 04.12.2020 11:22:44

A trailer loaded with motorcycles that some armed men had stolen was recovered by the authorities, who so far have not located the operator, in the municipality of San Matías Tlalancaleca.

According to the first investigations revealed, the man, whose identity has not been provided, was driving the cargo unit on the Mexico-Puebla highway.

At that moment, some subjects intercepted him and they threatened him with firearms that they brought among their belongings. Subsequently, they removed the man from the wheel and they took him away with the trailer loaded with motorcycles, which was witnessed by some motorists who called 911.

Therefore, the authorities immediately mounted a search operation in the vicinity of the area. Consequently, the elements of the Municipal Police and the National Guard they located the unit with all the cargo on the side of the road of quota, at the height of the municipality of San Matías Tlalancaleca.

However, they were unable to locate the operator at the scene, although they did a wide tour throughout the area.

However, the authorities they maintain an operation to try to locate him together with suspected criminals to prosecute them in accordance with the law.