In this way you can fix Adobe Flash Player problems in the browser

« Adobe Flash is blocked » is a message that can be recurring in your Google Chrome browsing.

Adobe Flash is a format that allows web pages interactivity functions, that is, from animations, to videos and simple games.

This type of format can present certain operating problems in the Google Chrome browser and this is due to errors in HTML5 programming. However, below you will find out what things you can do when you read the terrifying phrase in the browser « Adobe Flash is blocked. »

Fix crashes in Adobe Flash

If you get a screenshot with what looks like a puzzle piece and the phrase « Adobe Flash Player is blocked » what you should do is right click and execute the option « Run this plugin ».

However, this option is likely to be grayed out and you cannot click. That is why you should give the padlock that appears right next to the URL of that website and enter the options Website configuration.

In that space we will look for the section of Flash between the options we are going to select « Allow »

When enabling this option we must press the option reloadr to confirm that the change was in effect.

Another trick

If we want to speed up that step by step we can enter the Google Chrome menu options (Three vertical dots> Settings> Website settings> Search Flash and check the box « Ask before »

By activating it each time a site with the Flash blocked, the same browser will ask us if we want to activate it.