In this way you can enter the location with GPS coordinates on the smartphone

Finding a place with a perfect understanding of the GPS coordinates is possible thanks to tools from Google and Apple.

Apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps completely transformed the search experience for many people turning to maps.

However, there are very specific addresses that you probably don’t understand given their characteristics.

We are talking about GPS coordinates that are accompanied by latitude, longitude, DMS or decimal degrees DD data.

We can adapt this geolocation format to these mobile exploration applications and it will provide us with the exact location on our mobile device.

Step by step in Apple Maps

Open the Maps app on iPhone
Tap in the search bar of the Maps application
Enter the GPS coordinates you want to locate and press the « Search » button
GPS location will be found and displayed on screen on maps

Location Google Maps

Open the Google Maps app on iPhone (it’s a separate additional download)
Touch the “Search” bar and enter the GPS coordinates you want to search for, then search
Google Maps will show the GPS location on the map.

As you can see, the steps are very simple, you just have to know which is the bar where you must enter the coordinate data and voila, the applications will automatically show you the view of the place you are looking for.