In this way you can convert your audios into texts

This trick is great to use during meetings.

Telegram is a platform that, together with WhatsApp, allows the exchange of messages between users.

This exchange is generally text, but the audios are becoming more frequent and become a constant in chats.

So if you don’t feel like writing such a long message and the other person doesn’t want you to send them voice notes, then don’t worry that there is a bot that thinks of you.

Converter bots

As we have mentioned before, Telegram bot channels are a plus that the platform offers unlike WhatsApp.

In these robotic channels you will find multiple functions such as downloading music, even watching your favorite series.

In this case, it will be a Bots channel that will precisely help you convert those long audios you want to record into text.

The name of the channel is @voicy and for its operation you must join and then:

Press the mic to record the message.
At that time, @voicy will transcribe your entire message to text in a simple way using artificial intelligence.

Note: It is possible that the channel may have errors in the syntax or some accent, you can still edit it.

And voila, you will have the paragraph that you can copy and paste in the desired chat.