Currently 58.6 percent of the population has a job, however, the average monthly salary is not the same for all Mexicans.

Figures from the National Survey of Occupation and Employment in Nuevo León recorded that the average salary of this reaches 15,288 pesos, which places it as the state with the best average monthly income.

It is followed by Mexico City with 15,132 pesos and Chihuahua with 15,084 pesos, on the contrary the state that registered the lowest salary was Guerrero with 7,944 pesos.

According to this study, 3 sectors predominate with the highest average monthly income. First there is the extractive with 11,138 pesos, followed by the government sector with 9,643 and the Education and Health sector with 9,421 pesos.

Areas most in demand by Mexicans:

According to the National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENEO), the characteristics, on the trends and characteristics of the employed persons in the country. This was divided into 11 sectors that represent the highest economic activity.

Among these is agriculture, commerce, construction, education and health, extractive, government, professional services, transformation, transport and tourism. But four of these are the main ones that together make up 58.6 percent of the employed population.

Commerce has 9.7 million employed people, followed by transformation with 8.8 million and finally agriculture and personal services with 5.9 million.

What people work in these segments?

According to the National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENEO) 7 out of every 10 employed in the country are subordinate and paid workers, with the exception of the Government sector, in which all are workers who receive payment for their work.

In addition, 18.7 percent of the workers in the country belong to commerce, of these more than 50 percent have schooling up to the secondary level and 40 percent are between 16 and 34 years old.

Furthermore, young people are the most employed in different categories, as the study shows that tourism, transformation and construction activities employ a higher percentage of young people between 16 and 24 years of age.

On the other hand, the Government, Education and Health, and extractive sectors are those that least control young people, as well as agriculture, which mainly hires people over 45 years of age.

Or the Professional Services sector, which in addition to hiring workers over 35 years of age, most of its employees also have higher education.

However, it is in Agriculture where the majority of workers do it on their own, with 41.5 percent.

Women and men in the economic sector:

Hidalgo is the state with the most working women, this is 50.6 percent are women, while 49.4 are men. This is the only state in which professional women predominate the most.

In addition, the sectors where they predominate over men are in the Education and Health, Tourism and Personal Services sectors with 64 percent, 57.4 percent and 55.3 percent respectively.

However, it has 163, 255 registered professionals, a very low figure when compared to the 1,132,103 that was registered in Mexico City and the 1,268,111 in the State of Mexico.