The electoral night in Euskadi and Galicia has opened the magazines of the television channels, where they have evaluated the results thrown by the ballot boxes. ‘The summer program’, with Ana Terradillos at the forefront, had Eduardo Inda as one of his main collaborators, but A comment by the journalist has sparked a confrontation with the presenter.

Ana Terradillos and Eduardo Inda in ‘The Summer Program’

Inda was evaluating the result of Podemos in both regions, since in Galicia it has been left out and in the Basque Country it has received a low response from voters. « Pablo Iglesias closes the door on leaving, » he launched as a starter. « The great one defeated yesterday is the more than alleged criminal Pablo Iglesias« This accusation by the director of OKDiario was the moment when the driver stopped her feet.

« In this program we cannot consent to any type of insults« Terradillos explained before a surprised Inda. » We do not consent to any type of insult, either when I am here or when Ana Rosa is present or when no one is present. «  » I have said an alleged criminal because it is linked to criminal acts, « the collaborator defended himself. As an ultimatum, the driver assured her: « I will not repeat it more, Eduardo. You can’t speak with insults on this show. « 

Inda’s anger

The answer of Ana Terradillos did not like Eduardo Inda at all, who decided to settle the issue not without first complaining about how nothing had been done to defend him from the accusations of the leader of Podemos: « Pablo Iglesias has called me here of everything and he has been consented, but well, very good, fantastic. He has called me about everything. « The presenter reproached him that this had not been the case: » He has not been consented to nor will he be consented to. «