In the war on crime, the biggest victim is the family. ‘Dom’ trailer

Amazon today presented the trailer and the official poster of the Brazilian series ‘Sun’, a crime drama inspired by the true story of a father and son situated on opposite sides during the war against drug trafficking in Rio de Janeiro.

The series, made up of 8 one-hour episodes, is produced by Conspirao Filmes and will premiere in full on June 4 exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 territories.

‘Sun’ tells the story of Victor, a young diver who, by a twist of fate, becomes a military intelligence agent who makes the war on drugs his mission in life. Over the years, he faces the disappointment of an endless war and watches his own son, Pedro, succumb to the enemy he fought tirelessly against: cocaine. Pedro becomes an addict and one of the most wanted criminals in Rio de Janeiro: Pedro Dom.

In addition to Gabriel Leone (Pedro) and Flavio Tolezani (Victor), ilipe Bragana, Raquel Villar, Isabella Santoni, Ramon Francisco, Digo Ribeiro, Fabio Lago, Julia Konrad and Andr Mattos, among others, complete the cast. ‘Sun’ It is directed by Vicente Kubrusly and Breno Silveira, who also acts as showrunner and also leads a team of scriptwriters that includes Fabio Mendes, Higia Ikeda, Carolina Neves and Marcelo Vindicatto.

The series is produced by Renata Brando and Ramona Bakker of Conspirao Filmes, and features Antonio Pinto as the composer of its soundtrack.

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