‘In the spotlight’ is back at Cuatro this Wednesday, September 16 at 10:55 p.m.. The reporting format produced by Unicorn Content returns to the chain and does so with a new batch of programs in which it will continue to broadcast the focus on scams, injustices and consumer issues that may interest viewers. At the same time, the format will not lose sight of the current situation around the Covid-19 pandemic, as it happened in its last season when all its reports were dedicated to analyzing the consequences that the coronavirus had in our country.

Marta Losada and Boro Barber (‘In the spotlight’)

Boro Barber, Verónica Dulanto, Mireia Llinares, Marta Losada and María Miñana are the reporters who will lead ‘In the spotlight’ In this new season that will be broadcast on Wednesday night, facing Antena 3 and laSexta’s film bet, to ‘Come to dinner with me: Gourmet Edition’ on Telecinco and ‘Lazos de sangre’ on La 1. In La new batch will speak for example of the vulnerability of some groups during the pandemic, the mafias behind the squatting phenomenon will also be investigated and the denialist and conspiracy theories that emerged regarding the coronavirus, among many other issues, will be analyzed.

Why do we consume so much salt?

In its season premiere, consumption will undoubtedly be the protagonist. The first of the two premiere reports is dedicated to the salt industry and consumption. The journalist Marta Losada will investigate how it affects the health of Spaniards since 53,000 tons of salt are consumed in our country annually, twice that recommended by WHO. We will discover the salt that is hidden in food, if the iodine content in the salts that are sold as iodized salts is real, will visit production companies, salt mines and salt mines and also go on a salt-free diet for a week to see how it affects your blood tests this drastic change. In short, ‘En el punto de mira’ will take a detailed X-ray of the consumption and production of salt within our borders.

The truth about the fruit we eat

Then it will be issued a report led by Boro Barber in which we will learn the reasons why the fruit no longer looks or tastes like it did 30 years ago. The reporter together with his team from ‘En el punto de mira’ will visit different communities and crops to find out how seed handling and new fruit preservation processes affect this issue. It is clear that consuming all kinds of fruit throughout the year is essential in these processes and Barber will also talk about this in this report with which his format opens a new batch.