In the midst of the greatest crisis in almost a century in the United States and with more than 30 million new unemployed, there are sectors that, paradoxically, live a boom like pizzerias, e-commerce companies, social networks and food to cook at home who are hiring people on a massive scale.

Dramatic lines of people waiting to access food banks across the country and detailed charts showing the scale of the economic tragedy unleashed by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus are already common.

But the data also reveals who the surprising beneficiaries are: the actions of Amazon, the electronic giant, hover around its historical maximums; Facebook doubled its profits in the first quarter of the year; and sales of Domino’s pizza chain have shot up 7% between late March and late April.

“We know that many people have been affected financially as jobs in areas such as hospitality, restaurants and travel are lost as part of this crisis; we welcome anyone without a job to join us,” Anne Laughlin, a spokeswoman for Amazon, a company that has hired 175,000 employees in recent weeks, told Efe in statements.

The virus is an unparalleled socio-economic experiment, which just a few months ago was part of science fiction: What happens when the activity freezes for weeks?

Since mid-March, and like most of the planet, the United States, the world’s leading economy, has come to a screeching halt: displacement has slowed, shops have closed and citizens have barricaded themselves at home with the aim slowing down the expansion of the coronavirus.

One of the most serious consequences is to throw millions of Americans into unemployment in the face of falling demand. “Based on recent unemployment reports … it seems clear that job losses in the past four weeks will be the largest in US history,” said Dante DeAntonio, an economist at Moody’s Analytics, in a note to customers.

Many are highly Hispanic, according to the WalletHub report.

For the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) professor Till Von Wachter, an unemployment expert, “it is not unusual” for some sectors to increase their hiring, even in economic recessions.

“It is a defining characteristic of modern economies and labor markets that job creation and job destruction continue at the same time, and the same is true of recessions. Now, the pandemic has affected consumer demand, and this It has had an impact on the hiring pattern we see, “Von Wachter analyzed.

Thus, an economic boom is unfolding in certain sectors of the economy.

E-commerce giant Amazon this week announced the hiring of 175,000 employees amid activity boom, while the pizza chain Papa John’s has announced plans to increase its workforce by 20,000.

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In an interview with Efe, Papa John’s chief of staff and diversity, Marvin Boakye, explained that the Kentucky-based company is the “immediate and quick” solution for those who have lost their jobs.

“We are in a unique position, being a restaurant specializing in delivery and transportation, to help our communities overcome this crisis,” he said.

Another company that is hiring at a good pace during the current pandemic is the Walmart supermarket chain, the largest employer in the US.

In a text sent to Efe, its vice president and director of human resources, Donna Morris, celebrates that since March 19 the company has hired some 200,000 people for its establishments and distribution centers.

In Nevada, nearly 300,000 people have applied for unemployment benefits in the past month, a record.

“We are honored to be able to give so many Americans the opportunity to work while their efforts help Walmart better serve customers during this time of greatest demand,” explains Morris, who does not specify, however, the type of contract for these. new workers.

Talking about pharmacy in the US is almost synonymous with CVS Health. With nearly 10,000 points of sale across the country, the company has seen increased demand for its healthcare products and services in recent weeks as its clients seek “critical” resources to deal with the pandemic.

For this reason, CVS has accelerated its hiring strategy during the Great Confinement and has employed 50,000 new employees, especially within the African-American and Latino communities, according to Efe, its director of human resources, Lisa Bisaccia.