In the middle of the Today Program! Tania Rincón throws a strong word

In the middle of the Hoy Program !, Tania Rincón throws a strong word | Instagram

An uncomfortable moment was experienced in the Hoy Program when the beautiful Tania Rincon He threw a strong word in the morning !. The family-time television program shuddered at what was said by the tender-looking host.

The mind betrayed the beautiful Tania Rincón since she was in a dynamic in which she had to say words with the characteristic that was given to her, this quickly, in order to obtain the victory.

The dear conductive guest of the Today Program faced her partner and friend Paul Stanley in the dynamic in which he should quickly say “sticky things”. It all started well when the beautiful Tania started saying “boogers”.

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However, the driver’s mind betrayed her when her second word was “mecos”; But he continued with all professionalism playing so as not to lose because time was running out, it was when the time ended that the reactions did not wait in the forum of the morning star of Televisa.

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Paul Stanley doubled over with laughter and before a somewhat sorry smile from the pretty Tania Rincón, he decided to answer if he would continue in the program produced by Andrea Rodríguez Doria the next day.

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The video of this uncomfortable moment by Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta’s partner quickly went viral and is found on social networks; However, it is not the first time that someone has said a “bad word” in the middle of the air program.

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The most recently betrayed by their language have been Andrea Legarreta, during one of his opinions on the reality show Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy and the second, Raúl Araiza, who they scolded and assured could not speak as freely as in Members Al Aire.

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