In the Mexican National Team they go against Alexis Vega

In March the pre-Olympic will be played to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games, so the coach of the Under 23 National Team, Jaime Lozano, has begun to have the microcycles to train with the players who will be the base of this selection, where Chivas continues to be the team that usually lends the most players.

In the last microcycle that Jaime Lozano called, Chivas lent a total of 7 players, players to whom one more could be added, but by decision of Jaime Lozano the footballer stayed with the Flock.

Of course we are talking about Alexis Vega, a player who just over a month ago admitted that he prefers not to go to microcycles to avoid injuries and wants to stay in Chivas to continue training, which is why today Jaime Lozano went against the player, making it clear that he is out of the pre-Olympic tri for his statements and little commitment to the Mexican National Team:

“The statement that jumps out to me is that he is afraid of hurting himself because he has hurt himself on two very important occasions in his career (…) at this moment we need people who give their lives, not an injury, so to speak. somehow. “

– Jaime Lozano

Despite this, the coach affirmed that he understands Vega, but also affirms that he must clarify his mind if he wants to continue being part of this process:

“I understand it, I understand it, but he has to clean his head a little bit, to know that an injury can happen at any time, and it seems to me that if you think so much about injuries you’re going to keep hurting yourself. In the end, he never says’ I never want to go to a Pre-Olympic or Olympic Games “

– Jaime Lozano