In the delay there is the danger, the saying goes

In light of the results, the late, improvised and deficient management, both of the Executive and the Legislature, with regard to the acquisition of vaccines against covid-19, a resource that had already begun to be glimpsed since September, becomes increasingly evident. Lastly, when the first tests from various laboratories began and it was already a fact by December 8, when a 90-year-old woman was vaccinated in the United Kingdom.

There was much hope at the time about the participation of the Covax mechanism, through the World Health Organization, which represented the possibility of having at least a quota of doses to immunize front-line personnel: doctors, nurses, firefighters, policemen and patient service workers. However, there is still no date for the arrival of the first batch. First it was said that it would be in late January, then in mid-February. We are there, and the wait is indefinite, to the point that not even the Ministry of Health itself can give a tentative day.

Some countries in the region, such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Mexico, undertook the task of directly contacting vaccine-producing laboratories to request doses and deliver payment advances, with a serious, proactive and consistent attitude that the Guatemalan authorities have not. shown. Somehow what happened again in 2020, when the hospitals for the care of covid-19 were left without sufficient protective supplies for the staff and the care of the sick.

Deputies to the Congress of the Republic also make their contribution to this lag, especially those who make up the ruling alliance, engrossed in their own short-term and polarizing agendas. During the most acute months of the suspension of activities, and even after the reopening of the country, they were unable to process a vaccine law, which remains in limbo, relegated to a seventh point on the agenda of yesterday’s failed session, which It was again a waste of time for the country, but not for the tricks, as they tried to introduce an initiative to revive the transfuguismo.

Since the presidency of the Republic, which on other occasions invites like-minded deputies to urge them to approve certain initiatives, there has not been an energetic call, claimed with the vehemence that usually characterizes the president to reply to questions on other issues. Such an energetic attitude is necessary at this time to make possible the approval of a law that has been lagging for years because of previous legislatures but the current one has not been able to or has not wanted to correct.

It should be mentioned that there is a global imbalance in the distribution of vaccines, as indicated by the United Nations itself. Great powers have monopolized part of the production, and even so neighboring countries have managed to acquire endowments to begin to protect their hospital staff. Meanwhile, Guatemalan doctors must take to the streets to ask for information about plans to immunize them, precisely because their lives are going to be there. They offer them a drill, but no date to protect them against a threat that they continue to fight day by day. Faced with such a scenario, it is logical to resort to smokescreens with the relaunch of the issue of the death penalty, which for now, in the absence of a vaccine, still hangs over many Guatemalans.

Free Press