Many footballers are already enjoying their vacations after a stormy season marked by the coronavirus pandemic. Others have not yet, like those of Barcelona, ​​who are still alive in the Champions League and will be seen in the quarterfinals with Bayern Munich. The players had a mini vacation before the Champions League returned and many of them escaped to Ibiza, but now they are full to prepare for the next game.

So, Antonella Roccuzzo She waits with her children for Messi to finish the season with Barça to enjoy the summer with her husband as a family. And, in the absence of a beach, he publishes suggestive poses on Instagram with which he always sweeps and revolutionizes the networks. The last of them has been in the pool but not in a bikini, but with a sunflower print set.

More than a million ‘likes’ It has the two images that Antonella Roccuzzo has published, which has also received 5,000 comments. After enjoying a few days off in Ibiza, where they shared a yacht with Luis Suárez and his family, Argentina is waiting with her children for Messi to take his vacation.

They will not be as long as in previous years, but they will help the couple to disconnect again, probably also in a beach destination and probably again in Ibiza, because trips to foreign countries today are complex because of the coronavirus.