In Texas, less than a million people continue without electricity and drinking water due to snowfall

The death of more than 30 people is attributed to the climate, some of them inside their homes

| 02/18/2021 | ionicons-v5-c09: 32 | AP |

Texas.- Less than 1 million people were still Without eleectricity in Texas Thursday morning, the lowest number in four days, but many lacked drinking water after the damage caused by the winter storms to all public services.

Meanwhile, they were predicting heavy snowfall Y ice in the Appalachians, northern Maryland and the south of Pennsylvania with the displacement of winter weather heading northeast for the night.

The death of more than 30 people is attributed to the climate, some of them inside their homes. In the zone of Houston, a family died in their car, drowned by carbon monoxide fumes. A grandmother and three children were killed when flames escaped from the fireplace.

In Texas, some 560,000 homes and businesses were still Without eleectricity on Thursday, compared to 3 million the day before. But the manager of the state power grid, who is criticized for responding to the winter storm, warned that blackouts could fluctuate during peak demand times.

To add insult to injury, drinking water they were in danger across the state.

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Texas paralyzed! many without electricity or drinking water

Authorities ordered 7 million people – a quarter of the population of the second-largest state in the Union – to boil tap water before drinking it after several days of extremely low temperatures were damaged to pipes.

Water pressure has dropped across the state because pipes have frozen, and many residents leave their taps running to prevent freezing, said Toby Baker, executive director of the state’s Commission on Environmental Quality.

Gov. Greg Abbott urged neighbors to cut off the water supply to their homes, where possible, to prevent pipes from bursting and to keep pressure on municipal systems.

The blackouts Weather-related problems have been persistent in Oregon, where some users have been without power for nearly a week. A dark supermarket threw perishable food into garbage cans, causing clashes between the homeless and the police.