In tears! Enrique Guzmán defends himself against accusations

In tears! Enrique Guzmán defends himself against accusations | Instagram

After Frida sofia made strong statements against his grandfather Enrique Guzmán, he appeared on the program in tears defending himself against any accusation against him.

For a few years, the relationship between the Guzmán family on the part of Alejandra and Frida Sofía began to deteriorate, however it should be noted that the interpreter of “Come along“who decided to withdraw from the relationship he had with his mother and family.

Without a doubt, this has been one of the biggest rumors in which Alejandra Guzmán’s family has been involved, however it seems that for a few days the model Frida Sofía herself has managed to overcome the scandals that she herself has created.

He recently gave a statement in which he mentioned that his paternal grandfather, the singer and actor Enrique Guzman He had touched her when she was only five years old, these were strong statements because the young celebrity had no shame in making comments that surely left more than one shocked.

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These comments immediately went viral, on all social networks and media, since affirming that not only any man but someone close to you, from your own family came to take advantage of you are big words.

Faced with this situation, Enrique Guzmán interpreter of “Your head in my shoulder“He decided to visit the TV Azteca forum to attend the Ventaneando program directed by journalist Pati Chapoy.

The video was shared on Ventaneando’s Instagram about two hours ago and has already become quite popular.

During the program the father of Alejandra Guzman He was the whole time with a handkerchief in his hands, because he could not hold back his tears when he was talking about such a painful matter for him.

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In the foreground we saw Pati and Enrique sitting in the same armchair, being very close and sharing a bit of pain and admiration for the artist.

Before starting the interview, Guzmán said that it was always a pleasure to be visiting with her on her program, but that on that precise occasion it was not so pleasant, because she had to defend herself from her own granddaughter whom she loved so much.

The first question that surely everyone was waiting to hear was, if it was true what Frida Sofía had declared against her, before she could begin to answer she already had some tears in her eyes, it seems something simple but on a quite painful subject .

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The singer and star of the 60s mentioned that everything his granddaughter had mentioned was false, that he actually lived with her when he was five years old, but that the two had never been alone and that also the time they were together was really little.

Without being able to understand why it is that she was affirming something with such confidence and still believing what she herself was inventing, she implied that her granddaughter needed professional help, this because he would never disrespect her and not only her, no another woman and even mentioned that neither his wife had touched the way Frida mentioned.

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The ex-husband of Silvia Pinal He also mentioned that he had five grandchildren, four women and also a man, adding that even one of them lived with him and that he loved her very much as well as Frida, therefore hearing those words from his granddaughter hurt him a lot.

Without being able to contain his tears, Enrique Guzmán regrets not having been able to spend more time with Frida Sofía in her growth, to be there for her when she needed it because he did not understand why he was now making such comments.