In sheets, Alexa Dellanos in an impressive body wears charms

In sheets, Alexa Dellanos in an impressive body wears charms | INSTAGRAM

In case you still don’t know the beautiful one daughter of Myrka Dellanos, Alexa Dellanos has been very focused on producing attractive content for the Internet, placing herself as one of the favorite models of users who enjoy their votes very much

On this occasion we will address two snapshots that he placed in his Official Twitter which is found from their white sheets with a body from coffee lace.

The entertainment pieces are highly flirtatious and you, if you are fans, could not believe how good that set looks on, I think it was their I like instantly and they also shared so that others could appreciate it.

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There are many people who admire the Beautiful youngHowever, there is always a group of people who do not agree with what others are doing, so they have also commented negatively on Alexa, who is not really interested in that kind of criticism so much but it is something that It has been noticed a lot in the networks and some of its fans have defended it.

Haters say that the popularity of the young woman is only based on showing her figure, however she has shown that she also has other talents such as being DJ, something he practices sometimes in the meetings he attends.


Recently we could see her participating in a party as the one in charge of putting the music in addition to also enjoying very much being able to dance and spend excellent time with the people who love her.

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We could say that being an Influencer and a model is not as easy as others think, it is not only about uploading photos but also that you become a public person and other people consider that they have the right to speak about you and have an opinion on everything.

What we can assure you is that Alexa Dellanos will not stop for these comments, she will follow her dream of being a model and representing the best Fashion brands in the world, something that she has already done and that has filled her with satisfaction.

For this reason and more we will continue to be very vigilant to bring you the best information from Alexa, of course also its best snapshots and all the attractive content that it shares with us practically every day.

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