The Brazilian footballer Dani Alves He remembered this Saturday the UEFA Cup conquered with Seville in 2007, on the day that marks the 13th anniversary of the final against Espanyol in Glasgow, where goalkeeper Andrés Palop stood out, a stage that made him believe in his career and in leaving his name in football.

05/16/2020 at 6:40 PM


“That team was special because it was more than a team, because a football team, you see it playing well and how cool, but this team went beyond the word team,” he explains in an interview with UEFA TV, which is collected on the website. of Seville.

Alves recalls the meeting at Hampden Park. “I remember in the final that we could have scored a lot of goals after the ejection and won with peace of mind, but we started to fail. In football we know that when the ball does not go in you have to be careful because at any moment you can score a goal”, He says.

“When they scored us it was a shock, football put us to the test, tested us to see if we really deserved to take this Cup once again. We were dominating and suddenly, a cramp, a shock. A shot from far from Jonatas tied the game and we had to go to penalties, because it was written that way, “he adds.

For the lottery, despite being tired, they arrived calm for having Palop. “Palop was very good, he cut a lot and we went to penalties with the peace of mind that he was going to stop them, the final was drawn for him. When I went to kick, I thought, I’m going to hit him hard and try not to let him go, but in the end, I put too much force into it and the ball went away, “he recalls.

“The celebration is an injection of adrenaline at 300 an hour and it is a satisfaction that you are putting a grain of sand to build great respect, that is what I like most about my profession, I am proud to go to a team and build or rebuild something. In Seville it was when I realized that you are here for this, to build and leave your name there, “he ends.