In relation to Rosalía and Bad Bunny? they light the nets with a kiss

In relation to Rosalía and Bad Bunny?  they light the networks with a kiss (INSTAGRAM)

In relation to Rosalía and Bad Bunny? ignite the networks with a kiss | INSTAGRAM

The enormous chemistry that exists between Rosalía and Bad Bunny is undeniable, which we were able to appreciate closely since the release of the official video for their collaborative single “Last night’s night”.

And just last night was that so much the spanish singer, What the Puerto Rican From their respective official profiles, they have published a few images of them together, both in the famous Instagram stories, and on the wall.

It is worth mentioning that they are currently promoting their most recent musical material, since since the release of the last album of “San Benito” We knew that there would be a collaboration between both famous interpreters of the urban genre, however, we could not imagine the impressive chemistry and attraction that evidently arises between them.

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Firstly, Rosalia shared a publication of two images of her hugging the bad rabbit, both look very happy and smiling, although, at that moment, they did not know what it was about, only speculation began, since, just one Saturday night, both they were spending time together.

Then, the same Bad Bunny shared the same two photographs, from their respective official profile, after this, the followers of both went crazy to the maximum because it was already more than evident, that something big was happening.

What happened was the following: The Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny and the Spanish Rosalía revolutionized the popular television program “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) this past Saturday night by performing “La noche de noche”, the romantic duet in Spanish. of which they recently released a video clip.

Same, in which it is worth mentioning the strong attraction that is seen between them, as well as the undoubted chemistry, making this musical piece unique and one hundred percent flirty, in addition, the interpretation was fantastic, since both sang this musical piece with the passion that requires it, making the entire audience excited.

In his first appearance as a special guest in the “prime-time” show, Bad Bunny appeared accompanied by the Spaniard and together they recreated the scene of their surrealist audiovisual piece with white stairs, accompanied by an incredible combination of lights from colors, turning the stage into something totally romantic.

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But this is not all, while the seconds of the song progressed, we could observe how it happened that both musicians were gradually getting closer, until they were theoretically skin to skin, safe from the clothes they used, this fact impacted all the spectators.

At the end of this beautiful piece of music, the temperature rose completely, then, Rosalia with her very flirtatious gaze and her mischievous face, stared at Benito, and slowly approached his face, the interpreters were so close, that the fact of think at least a rose of lips was imminent.

However, unfortunately for those who were waiting for the tremendous kiss, this did not happen, only their lips were extremely close and the followers went crazy to the fullest.

Now, there are only millions of Internet users talking about this issue, but with several uncertainties to be resolved, because, to begin with, it is well known that the singer had a stable relationship with a model, although, to date, it is not known if she continue today.

On the other hand, we can mention that, in the same way, although each of the interpreters had already posted their respective photos together on their profiles, in the same way they did it through their stories, publishing similar images, posing very together.

Even in the stories of the Spanish we can see how she shows us her vain outfit with which she went out to interpret her recent success, and how she flirts for the camera, Internet users believe that it was the interpreter who filmed her.

We cannot do more than hope that these rumors are confirmed or denied, mentioned of course, by one of the two famous artists in question, what is not a secret is the chemistry that exists between them.