In red thread, Daniella Chávez moves her charms for Instagram

In red thread, Daniella Chávez moves her charms to Instagram (Instagram)

In red thread, Daniella Chávez moves her charms to Instagram | Instagram

The beautiful singer Daniella Chávez entered the thoughts of her followers on Instagram again, but now with a very small red thread. The sports presenter Not only did he show off his championship anatomy in the little garment, but he also moved his charms to show them off on camera.

The beautiful sports driver He placed all the attention of the camera on his profile anatomy and only with the red thread and what appears to be a white hat tried to cover part of his voluptuous charms.

Daniella Chávez shared these shocking images on her Instagram stories and caused great reactions from her more than 13.8 million followers.

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The interpreter of I want the beach shared two short videos in which his anatomy becomes the protagonist and his face cannot be perceived. These images join the already famous ones that the 35-year-old star posted on Instagram in recent days.

The latest photographs of the famous Chilean show her from a very personal side and that she surely enjoys a lot, from the bathtub. Daniella Chavez she posed from the shower with only a short chain around her beautiful neck. The also influencer She did not hesitate to pose head-on and in profile for the camera covered only by the mischievous foam on her body.

This blonde and beautiful woman exceeded 120 thousand reactions on the famous social network with these photographs that surely placed the beautiful Daniella Chávez in the dreams of her most fervent followers.


In your social network daniellachavezofficial, the Televisa star She got quite romantic on February 14th and delighted Internet users with a more than spectacular session. In the photographs, the beautiful Dany made red her color and wore it with a lot of lace and little fabric, showing much of her enviable anatomy for the cameras.

As the date warranted, a huge white teddy bear became the envy of millions after Daniella Chávez posed with him hugging him very close to his charms.

These images caused a shower of comments praising the enormous beauty of the also Chilean model and pointing out how much they wish they were in that bear’s place. But the beautiful America’s Cup girlfriend She not only surprised her followers, but also herself.

The beautiful Daniella shared with all the Internet users one of her most recent achievements, having bought a luxury truck that she gave herself with a huge bow; For the occasion, Daniella Chávez dressed in the color of the car with a red mini dress and shared various photographs.

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The famous shared a message with the images that made it clear that she did not upload them to show off, but because of the meaning that this purchase has for her. Daniella Chavez reached the hearts of many after pointing out that some time ago her goal at the end of the day was to have something to eat at home and now she is proud to be able to afford these luxuries thanks to her effort and work.

With this message, the beautiful Chilean playmate found that there is a huge heart behind all her beauty and glamor that radiates every day on social networks. An example of perseverance!