In pink interiors, Belinda uncovers silhouette and promotes Wonu

In pink interiors, Belinda uncovers silhouette and promotes Wonu | Instagram

The singer Belinda uncovered her marked abdomen by wearing a two-piece set of interiors to promote her new collagen brand on Instagram, users were quick to react saying that it is thanks to Christian nodal.

With a light pink lace top, the actress from the series “Welcome to Eden”, uncovered her marked abdominal area to collaborate in a new campaign focused on beauty, Belinda promotes her new brand of collagen that helps preserve youth.

This summer, take care of your skin with Wonu Collagen. For me, the ideal flavor to refresh you and to keep your body (and your tan) hydrated and healthy on these hot days, is the Mandarin Flavor. @wonumx, was the message with which the Spanish accompanied the publication.


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Belinda’s photo reached more than 400 thousand likes, in addition to several comments of all kinds in which even the followers launched strong comments, referring to Nodal.

He transformed nodal into a product, ‘hahaha Nodal is his pure collagen’, ‘What an unfortunate comment, wrote another user’.

Laughing, the sarcastic messages towards the interpreter of “Sapito” did not stop at the aforementioned publication.

The truth is that we know that Nodal is its collagen, ‘And the most addictive gummies’ Collagen that you are eating mijita, pointed out another of the comments about Christian Nodal who continued to appear in the dedications.

In some others, some of her 13.7 million followers were more than in love with her beauty and dedicated hearts, affectionate reactions and comments in which they indicated that they took it “if they could look like her.”

Beautiful my Beli, commented other followers of the popular “La Voz coach.”

It is worth mentioning that in addition to her career in music and television, Christian Nodal’s girlfriend has undertaken many other projects with important beauty and fashion brands, of which she is also a faithful assiduous keeping up with the latest trends.

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Even the interpreter of famous songs that have catapulted her career such as “Light without gravity”, “Utopia”, “Bella betrayal”, among many others, maintains a faithful presence in the world of the catwalks, which she herself has shown through your Instagram stories.

For this reason, the today Spanish artist, nationalized Mexican, has become an artist admired not only by her great club of “belifans” but also by other figures of music.

The remembered actress of children’s novels such as “Complices to the rescue”, “Friends x Always”, “Adventures in time” that consolidated the beginnings of her career, today she has faced various magazine covers.

Belinda Peregrín Schüll, is for many a great inspiration for fashion and beauty and through her social networks she shares some tips on how she takes her personal care, this, thanks to a diversity of products that she advertises, among them the collagen brand.

What is the price of Belinda’s collagen?

The brand “Wonu” (Women´s + Nutrition) or “Women + Nutrition” is the new line that Belinda Peregrín has promoted in different images, they are various products based on hydrolyzed collagen, something that for a long time has been sold as “best secret behind healthy skin and hair”.

They can be purchased through the page at a cost of 799 pesos, a price that compared to others in the market is relatively accessible.

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If we talk about the ingredients, the list is simple and short, they contain hydrolyzed collagen, collagen peptides, ascorbic acid and sodium hyaluronate: A list indicates that the content of the formula is much purer and more concentrated.

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