In Peru the shortage of oxygen tanks has been maintained for a month

Hundreds of Peruvians made long lines with tanks to get oxygen for relatives with COVID-19, a good that has been in short supply for a month in the face of the second wave of the pandemic and that has generated waits of up to 3 days to get a load.

In San Juan de LuriganchoIn the populous northeast district of Lima, more than 200 people waited in line in front of a new plant opened by the San Marcos parish and the municipality, which provides free medicinal oxygen.

The buyer must present a medical order and a photocopy of the patient’s identity document. There is police surveillance at the plant, as in almost all oxygen sales positions in the country. The first to receive a refill had been in line since Friday afternoon and slept on the street.

At the same time, television showed a line of more than 70 vehicles, including cars, vans, trucks, minibuses and motorcycle taxis, on the side of a highway in Pisco, 234 km south of Lima, waiting to buy an oxygen tank.

The Channel N He said that some traveled from Lima to buy, but also from Huancavelica (276 km) and Ayacucho (338 km). Each tank holds 10 cubic meters of oxygen under pressure. In Pisco it is worth up to 250 soles ($ 70 / thousand 430 Mexican pesos).

According to the government, the demand for medicinal oxygen grew by 200 percent in Peru with the second wave of covid-19, which quadrupled infections and deaths compared to December.

Outside the Criogás company, in Callao, the neighboring port city of Lima, people line up for up to four days for a recharge. The owner, Jose Luis Barsallo, established strict sales controls to get rid of resellers, and began refilling tanks halfway to serve more people.

The Peruvian media nicknamed him the « Angel of Oxygen » for selling cheap, up to 200 soles per tank (55 dollars / 1,123 Mexican pesos).

A week ago, Chile offered Peru to donate 40 tons of oxygen from Antofagasta, a port located 620 km south of the Peruvian border. However, Lima has not been able to fix the transportation issue.