“In Paris I always lose to Rafa, let Nole touch me!”

More than worthy was Diego Schwartzman’s performance at Roland Garros 2021. However, the Peque, who had been doing a great tournament and had not lost a single set, ran into the King of brick dust and was left out. Anyway, although Rafael Nadal beat him 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 and 6-0, the Argentine managed, in addition to showing great tennis and making him uncomfortable at various moments of the match, to keep the second set and cut a streak of 36 in a row! accumulated by the Spanish Paris.

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After his defeat, the Argentine best positioned in the ranking analyzed his performance and asked – jokingly – not to cross paths with Rafa any more. It should be noted that, last year, Diego had managed to be among the best four of the French competition and, as in the current edition, Nadal was his executioner.

“I did big tournaments here in Paris, but every time I went far at Roland Garros I always lost to Rafa. I don’t want to be in the same place in the painting next time. Next time I want to play, maybe, against Nole, but not against Rafa, ha “, ironized the Argentine.

“Of the 12 times we played, 6 or 7 times, even the one I beat him (in 2020 in Rome), they were very even. But he ends up winning. To be close or not is equally a defeat. Better to do well against someone like Rafa, but I can’t find a way to escape, to win it. That hurts, “he completed.

“In the room, he went to the bathroom and after the break I had a hard time going back. Then It was a whirlwind, I couldn’t do anything. He hit me over 10 winners in the fourth set“Schwartzman began at a press conference. Then he added:” A shame to end the fourth set like this, because of how I had played all the rest. It hurt a little; I hope that in the future I can be on the other side of the picture, because when I win matches in powder I become very strong, I know that the others do not want to play against me at five“.

After falling in the second set and recovering in the third, Nadal was devastating: 6-0 in the fourth and went to the semis for the Spanish.  Photo: Anne-Christine POUJOULAT / AFP

After falling in the second set and recovering in the third, Nadal was devastating: 6-0 in the fourth and went to the semis for the Spanish. Photo: Anne-Christine POUJOULAT / .

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Moments later, and putting the joke aside, Schwartzman reflected: “The key was the third set, after two very close firsts. In the third year I was playing my best tennis, I was comfortable winning my serve and it was difficult for him, but with that 3-4, he began to serve really very well, winning many points with his first serve, which reduced my chances of scoring despite continuing to play well. “

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When asked what it meant to play with the public again, the 28-year-old from Buenos Aires said: “It is nice to play with the public again here after two years; let them shout your name, let them support you … but when they saw that Rafa was in difficulties at the end of the third set they no longer encouraged me“.

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Finally, Peque finished his statements by analyzing his present. “10 days ago I had the goal of winning a game, I could not imagine the quarters without losing a set. I needed a tournament like that, to play well, to feel good, to chain matches in a tournament. It will serve for the future, “he closed.

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