In nude body, Celia Lora showed off her tight-fitting charms!

In nude body, Celia Lora showed off her very tight charms! (Instagram)

In nude body, Celia Lora showed off her tight-fitting charms! | Instagram

Being the only daughter of Álex Lora, vocalist of the group el Tri, Celia lora She is known not only for her father, she has also made her own merits, although when hearing her name it is inevitable not to remember her in minor cloths, as in one of her most recent Photographs where she appears showing a nude body and her great charms with her.

On constant occasions we have seen her delight the pupil of her followers who love to see her show off her beautiful body that does not tire her fans, on the contrary, they increasingly want to see more content about her.

Like other models, the beautiful Celia Lora always finds a way to keep her fans aware of everything she publishes, on several occasions we have seen her with very few clothes and on others she has even forgotten to wear them.

Celia lora She has been quite active in her social networks because during these months we have been in a pandemic, several of her projects have been canceled due to the coronavirus, however she also managed to get hold of other new projects of which she is proud to date, one one of them was “The love room” and “Barak the experiment”.

The beautiful model, businesswoman, host, television presenter and also a star of social networks always finds the most creative and ingenious way to surprise her fans with her publications, whether on Instagram, Twitter or her stories that despite being deleted they get quite the attention.

The Boss of Acapulco shore She is quite a personality inside and outside of reality, although she participated a few times, her presence in the program was extremely important, in addition she became a very good friend of Manelyk González and Karime Pindter, with whom a few weeks ago they prepared to travel together and enjoy a well-deserved vacation, although they were not alone, apparently they were also accompanied by Potro and Jawy.

The main photograph of this note is one that Celia Lora shared in her stories, however you can see it as many times as you want, we have downloaded it for you.


The piece that she is wearing is nude color with some woven details, they look like small flowers with their respective leaves, it is a really beautiful piece, especially because it makes her charms stand out enough, she took the selfie that she recently shared on Instagram.

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Throughout his career Celia lora has been characterized by having a mischievous personality, which combines perfectly with her personality and figure, on constant occasions we have seen her delight only with her gaze and a dress that can leave little to the imagination.

As you well know, Celia Lora loves to show her body, she does not feel sorry for doing it, on the contrary, she feels proud of her figure and she shows it off herself and invites her followers or anyone who sees her (this she said in an interview) that all people should be proud of their bodies and show it if they want to.

This comment should be taken into account, what she comments is something important because she is also completely right, of course some will say that she says it because she is a complete Goddess and does not have any defect but something is certain, not all women even if they have an exquisite figure feel good with your body, maybe it’s an internal matter maybe, Celia lora It invites us to love ourselves as we are, it is a great example for everyone, don’t you think?

Do not miss the opportunity to continue seeing the content of the beautiful model and businesswoman either on her Instagram or on Show News.

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