The mayor of São Paulo expects to be much better than Europe in November

The promoter of the Brazilian GP, ​​angered by the cancellation, seeks legal advice

Last Friday the cancellation of the Brazilian GP became official due to the covid-19, but in the country they are not happy about the decision taken unilaterally by F1. The São Paulo mayor believes that they will be better than Europe to hold a race in November and the promoter of the event seeks legal advice after the Grand Circus has breached the contract.

Bruno Covas, mayor of São Paulo, does not understand that the Brazilian Grand Prix has been canceled due to its current situation with respect to the covid-19, as forecasts indicate that in November they will be better than Europe.

“We send all the data to the organization of the event, to demonstrate that the reality of the city of São Paulo and the state is very different from the reality of the country that the pilots and teams receive from the news. The projection shows that in November we would be in a much better situation than the European countries, where races have already been held, “said Covas at a press conference, according to the . news agency.

The same opinion is held by the promoter of the Brazilian GP. The truth is that in just 24 hours infections in the country have increased by 24,578 and now exceed 2,420,000. The contagious rate per 100,000 inhabitants stands at 11.73.

“They talk about the percentage of infections in Brazil, which is like comparing California with Florida in a country like Brazil, which has continental dimensions. First of all, this cancellation does not catch us by surprise, but we cannot accept the justification behind it. In fact, if you look at the statistics for São Paulo, even Brazil, proportionally compared to England, they are much better, “he said.

In Spain, cases per 100,000 inhabitants are almost 38, while in the United Kingdom they are 14 and in Italy, 4.5. In this way, there are countries that will host a GP with better data than Brazil and others in a much worse situation, as is the case in our country.

Tamas Rohonyi has advanced that they are already seeking advice on F1’s breach of contract. He believes that the situation of the covid-19 is not enough to have made the decision to cancel the GP. In addition, it defends that there are only two circumstances that allow the contract to be broken and none of them is due to force majeure.

“One of the alleged reasons is that five teams were concerned. No Formula 1 contract says they will not race in a country if the teams are unsure. The agreements between the category and the promoter have only one clause that would allow any of the two parties break it and neither of these is due to force majeure. We are asking for legal advice because this causes great losses for the municipality and the company, “Rohonyi explained in statements for the American web portal

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