In micro shorts! Yanet García exercises and delights fans

In micro shorts!  Yanet García exercises and delights fans (Instagram)

In micro shorts! Yanet García exercises and delights fans | Instagram

The model and ex weather girl Yanet García shared a video where he appears doing an exercise, as he always manages to attract the attention of his millions of fans thanks to his figure, but above all to his huge charms later, which he manages to keep firm and in place.

Being a celebrity in social networks, any type of content that Yanet García shares immediately begins to have red hearts, even if it is enjoying the day, exercising, showing off her figure in swimsuits that do nothing but accelerate the hearts of her fans .

To this day, the beautiful presenter has more than 13 million 700 thousand followers on Instagram, a figure that continues to grow with each new publication she shares, at the moment she has just over two thousand publications, and she also follows 1,029 accounts on her application.

Yanet Garcia It is characterized by having a spectacular figure that has managed to become a source of inspiration for hundreds of women who want to have a figure like her, which can be achieved with great dedication and effort as she herself specifies in the description of the video.

If you want, you can … The rest are excuses, “wrote the model.

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In his video he appears climbing around 84 floors, this with the aim of maintaining his figure despite the quarantine, this video was shared on April 3, 2020, when the authorities requested quarantine not only in Mexico but also in the United States that It is where Yanet García is currently living next to her boyfriend.

Even though the video is only one minute 47 seconds long, you can see part of the work out he does to keep his muscles in perfect shape despite not having been able to attend the gym.


The most interesting thing about this content is not precisely Yanet García herself, but rather her outfit with which she appears showing a lot of skin, something that her millions of fans have surely been fascinated by.

The model wears a short black long-sleeved sweatshirt, you can see her abdomen, as for her legs we can fully appreciate them because she is wearing short shorts that in some scenes let her enormous charms show.

In her video Yanet García managed to have more than 2,300,000 views, many of the comments they wrote to her were in gratitude for the tips she was sharing to continue exercising from home, or in that case to the people who lived in a building.

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For this reason, it is mentioned that the model is also a great motivator to achieve any goal that is proposed, some of the comments took as a joke the fact that she could not do the same due to her knee pain, however at least one of the three ways to climb they could do, the objective was more than anything to keep moving so as not to stagnate.

Without excuses and we are going to stay like this, “wrote one of his fans.

Something extra that Yant García has done throughout his career as an influencer and model of social networks is when he shares videos with part of his exercise routines is that he writes many motivational phrases, which when reading them his followers immediately motivate themselves to continue with the exercise and not give up as she has done over the years since she started.