The town of Artesa de Segre enables a land for 150 vehicles

It will have a cinema screen and will broadcast the audio by radio frequency

Soccer is back on track, although many sports enthusiasts will miss the habit of meeting friends at the bar to follow the television broadcast. In a town near Lleida they have found a solution: create a self-soccer.

The town of Artesa de Segre, located 50 kilometers northeast of Lleida, will debut a self-soccer this Friday with the projection of the match between Sevilla F.C. and the F.C. Barcelona, ​​which will take place at the Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium at 22:00. The local city council has participated with the transfer of space and material, as well as the power outlet.

A cinema screen will be installed in the open space of the parking lot of the local institute and the audio of the match will be broadcast on a radio frequency, which each car will have to tune in to hear the comments. The forecast is that up to 150 vehicles can attend.

That yes: to go it will be necessary to have entrance. And tickets will go on sale the same Friday two hours before the game starts. They will cost ten euros in the case of adults and five euros in the case of minors, while children under five can enter for free.

Everything indicates that this installation will continue until the season ends in mid-July, because it has already confirmed that it will also broadcast the next Barcelona game, which is the night of June 23 against Athletic Club. The original idea is from a neighbor of the municipality and is carried out with the complicity of the local Blaugrana rock.

If we’ve already seen drive-ins and even concerts, it was a matter of time before someone took it to the next level. The era of self-soccer has begun. We will see if they proliferate or remain anecdotal.

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