In little white outfit, Lana Rhodes Like an angel!

In little white outfit, Lana Rhodes Like an angel! | Instagram

The beauty actress Lana Rhodes has known perfectly how over the years to keep her fans excited with each of her publications and updates on social networks.

This is how today she is still remembered by knights and other people who long to see her even more often.

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On this occasion we will show you a photograph in which she models a set of white lingerie in which she undoubtedly looks like an angel.

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The truth is that many people dream of seeing her with some other type of film so it would not be strange that in a couple of months or even years she could be seen in some movies of Hollywood.

Despite being retired for a couple of years, her followers continue to grow and of course this will continue to be the case, since she is even working for large brands in various areas.

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Something that has undoubtedly made her grow, since she has mentioned that she wants to leave her past behind to focus on another type of life.

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