In Kimberly Loaiza video, Kima takes the limelight!

In Kimberly Loaiza video, Kima takes the limelight! | Instagram

The Greatest and recognized Cuteness musical artist Mexican Kimberly Loaiza shared a new video on her account Tiktok where his first-born daughter Kima Sofía Pantoja Loaiza took away full prominence.

Several of the followers of Juan de Dios Pantoja they were excited to see the little girl practically “laundry” in one of her mother’s videos, although it is more than evident that she wanted to record it while she was there.

We could say that the adorable and beautiful Kima She is quite a mini celebrity, for the simple fact of being the daughter of two great influencers and social media personalities.

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To this day surprisingly Kimberly loaiza He has 42.9 million followers on his Tiktok account, he is one of the personalities with the largest number of fans around the world, until recently he held the number 16 place, it would not be a surprise if he has climbed some more step.

This particular publication was shared 21 hours ago, the title of the song is “Sal y Perrea” by Sech from his album 42, the release of this was this same 2021.

In the video we find Kim loaiza wearing a white duckling skirt, with a black sweater with white letters, she also wears a white shirt that she is wearing under her sweater, but her neck comes out above it, and as is customary, her hair was loose.

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But speaking of Kima who quickly became the protagonist, she was wearing denim shorts, a tank top, but with some ruffles on the sleeves, plus white sandals that matched her shirt, her beautiful Chinese hair was clinging. in a high tail.

Both were on one side of the living room of the house in which they are staying in Acapulco for the moment, while The Biggest Cuteness Kima was doing the choreography of her video very attentive to the camera and without stopping seeing her she began to dance a little and jump in the most emotional state.

This is not the first time that Kima appears in one of her mother’s videos, but it is always that the followers of the interpreter of “Do not be jealous“They immediately start to react excitedly and comment on how beautiful they look together.

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This time that was not the exception, but it was undoubtedly Kima who was most flattered by her followers, especially due to the fact that we rarely see the little girl in Tiktok next to her parents, it is in her stories that she continually we find some videos and photos of little Kima Sofía.

Loaiza’s publication has more than 4.6 million reproductions 993.6 thousand likes and also more than 13.5 thousand comments, it was JD Pantoja who wrote the first comment, put an emoji with some hearts around it and this comment to his time has more than 22.8 thousand red hearts.

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Very proud of her daughter in every opportunity she has, she takes advantage of to appear next to her and always enjoy her company as well as taking care of her and being aware of her needs, although of course this responsibility is also shared with her husband Juan de Dios, due to that now is not just one little but two.

The Pantoja Loaiza family has grown little by little and without a doubt as they themselves have affirmed, surely within one or two years we will see Kimberly Loaiza pregnant again, extremely happy and content with the life that grows in her womb, like any other mom eager to have children.

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