in Japan they found a way to make robot wolves to scare away bears

It happened in the city of Takikawa, which is specifically on the island of Hokkaido. Bears appear and robot wolves do their job.

In Japan it seems that they try to solve everything with a robot, and it’s fine right? When the end of the year approaches in Japan, the cold months arrive. Bears are beginning to be seen much more in residential areas and neighbors found a way to drive them away. They use robot wolves.

This is not a remote-controlled or automatic machine that goes chasing bears. But it is a very interesting device.

Its manufacturer, Ohta Seiki, designed it since 2018. However, in recent months the number of wolves prowling around some areas has grown. Then the sale grew. It has sold about 70 units, the Daily Mail reported.

Robot wolves

The robot wolves are a device in the shape of the quadruped animal. It has four limbs, a torso and is covered with fur similar to that of these animals. The robot wolves have their fangs and a red glow in their eyes.

It is a device that is installed and remains static. It works with motion sensors and when it registers activity it has the ability to turn on lights. In addition, it also emits 60 different sounds, among them, of course, the typical wolf howl.

During the end of the year the number of wolves in residential areas grows. And it is that with the arrival of the cold the hibernation stage approaches and the beasts go out in search of food for the months of rest.