“In his bedroom there was no safe”

Like every week, after the broadcast of new episodes of Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive, many are those who speak out to support, deny or qualify the words of Rocío Carrasco. One of them has been Nuria Bermúdez, who has announced “legal actions” against her, but this Monday she has also spoken his aunt, Rosa Benito, in It’s already noon.

Specifically, the ex-wife of Amador Mohedano has shown her indignation with the version that her niece was giving of Rocío Jurado, well was leaving her as “a cagona”, something that was not.

“Pedro Carrasco seems to say yesterday as … nothing, and his mother as a cagona. Sorry, his mother he has had guts for that and for more. What he was is very sensitive, he has always fought for his family and what has always been very afraid of scandalsI was afraid of that “, he added.

“I don’t understand when they say that Rocío [Jurado] She talked to David so much and said ‘I’m going to leave very calm because you can take care of my grandchildren’. Where we are? With which Rocío do I stay, the cagona that her daughter says or the one that talks to David? Where do i stay What Rocío do I know? “Rosa Benito wondered.

It has also ruled on the alleged theft of the safe in his room in which Rocío Carrasco pointed out to Antonio David: “As long as it is not a personal safe that you have bought. Her mother fixes the bedroom upstairs for her daughter and for her sister when she goes to La Moraleja, and there was no safe there“.

“In my sister-in-law’s house there were only two safes, one in her room and one downstairs in the cellar … I never knew anything about this theft“He added.” There is no safe upstairs, there has never been one. His mother didn’t put a safe upstairs. He didn’t have to put it on. I’ve been there, they haven’t told me, I’ve lived it“.