In heels and a bodysuit! Jennifer Lopez shows off her figure like this

In heels and a bodysuit!  Jennifer Lopez shows off her figure like this (AP)

In heels and a bodysuit! Jennifer Lopez shows off her figure like this | AP

The recognized actress of Hollywood and also singer Jennifer Lopez dazzled her millions of fans with a tight black bodysuit In a photo he shared a long time ago, he also showed off his beautiful legs while wearing high-top sneakers.

Known for having eccentric tastes Jennifer Lopez She is considered a diva with a glamorous style not only in her presentations and concerts but also in her person and daily life, not for nothing is she known as “The diva from the Bronxs“.

The “On The Floor” interpreter shared a publication on her official Instagram account where she has more than 143 million followers, it has been 153 weeks since she uploaded this photo, to be more exact she did it on March 16, 2018.

In this image she appears wearing a black body that highlights her charms even more, the outfit is something curious because she also has on a shirt that seems to be buttoned, only that it is not fastened, on the contrary with the bottom part a knot was made at the height of her ribs, thus covering much of the bodysuit in terms of the upper part of her charms.

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As it is customary to see Jennifer Lopez wearing quite high pointed shoes, in that photograph it would not be the exception, these interesting heels are black but at the tip we see an interesting detail in silver that makes a perfect combination with the outfit she wears in the image.


By wearing high heels, any woman can make her upper charms stand out a lot, because it makes your posture a little straighter and also your legs stand out a lot, another detail that the singer and actress wears is an accessory that is what The first thing that catches your eye when you see the image, she is wearing a tall headdress made with black feathers, matching everything she is wearing.

The interesting thing about the Photography is that Jennifer Lopez seems to be balancing on a metal beam, at the bottom of the image you can see some buildings, in which she is supposedly standing you can see this construction beam in black work, without a doubt it was a very interesting edition , especially since the celebrity herself walks with her arms outstretched so as to effectively balance herself so as not to fall.

I have it … And you too, “he wrote.

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Despite the fact that the publication is 3 years ago, it already has more than one million 30 0 thousand like’s, the popularity of JLo continues to grow after 36 years of career, over the years it has become one of favorite celebrities in terms of their presentations, she has had the opportunity to participate as a Judge in various television programs and delighted our pupils while we watch her perform.

On some occasions she has been criticized because there are already several times that she chooses to sing with playback, something that her fans do not like so much, however it seems that she is not bothered by anything and continues to do so, which is something to be admired is that in all his acts he always tends to provide an impressive dance show.

With her photographs Jennifer Lopez positions herself as one of the stars of the social networks that has the most followers, who are interested in its content and above all in knowing in advance some of the movements or participations that the actress makes.