In Germany, 76 nuns from a Franciscan convent test positive for covid-19

Millennium Digital and AP

Germany / 01.12.2020 09:28:08

In a convent in northeast Germany, it was revealed that 76 nuns tested positive for coronavirus out of a total of 170 who are part of a Franciscan monastery, which has generated alarm because they also run a nursing home, a boarding school for children and primary and secondary schools, as reported by ecclesiastical authorities and local media.

So far, there are 85 nuns who have tested negative for COVID-19 in the Thuine monastery, near the Dutch border, said Mother Superior Maria Cordis Reiker, who said they are in the process of separating the infected members.

« We are grateful that so far no one is in the hospital, » he added.

Authorities quarantined the entire monastery late last week after the first cases of coronavirus were discovered. Most of the nuns in Germany are older women.

Reiker said they were still awaiting test results from all 160 secular employees, including those who worked in the monastery’s nursing home, kitchen and laundry room.

« We don’t know how things will continue with our schools, everything is changing, » he said.

According to the local media NDR, coronavirus cases were detected in children before the outbreak in the monastery, so the mother superior stated that « we do not have a general description of how the schools will continue, everything continues to change »

Across Germany, 13 nil 604 people tested positive in the last 24 hours and another 388 died from COVID-19, reported the national center for disease control, the Robert Koch Institute.

While the number of new virus cases among young people is declining in the country, it is increasing among older people, the institute said.