in Georgia Official certifies presidential election

Georgia’s top election official on Friday certified results showing Joe Biden winning the presidential election over Republican President Donald Trump.

The certification brings the state closer to wrapping up an election that weighs unsubstantiated accusations of fraud by Trump and his supporters.

According to the final results certified by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Biden obtained 2.47 million votes; Trump, 2.46 million, and libertarian activist Jo Jorgensen, 62,138. Biden has an advantage of 12,670 votes or 0.25%.

The certification of the results reported by the 159 counties of the state came after a hand count of the 5 million ballots deposited in the contest. The manual scrutiny derived from an audit required by a new state law and was not in response to any problem with the results of the state’s official recount request. The purpose of the audit was to confirm that the voting machines correctly tabulated the votes.

“Since I’ve worked as an engineer my life, I live by the motto that numbers don’t lie,” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said at a news conference at the state Capitol. “As Secretary of State, I believe that the numbers that we have presented today are correct. The figures reflect the verdict of the people, not a decision of the secretary of state’s office or the courts or the campaign teams.

According to state law, Raffensperger was required to certify the election results by 5 p.m. Friday.

Raffensperger’s office stumbled hours earlier when it prematurely announced certification while it was still unfinished. Forty minutes later, a corrected statement was issued to announce that the results would be released later. The momentary failure was another moment of drama in the contest.

Biden is the first Democratic presidential candidate to win the state since 1992.