In Georgia, migrants who reported obstetric violence are free

Today the last of 14 migrant women who denounced that were victims of obstetric abuse, interventions without their consent and medical malpractices while they were in the Irwin Detention Center in Ocilla, Georgia. This was confirmed by the director of Project South of Georgia, the first organization to report this situation.

The other migrants went free in the course of recent weeks, although some had already been deported to their country of origin. Now it will be sought that the center, operated by the private company LaSalle, is permanently closed and women are compensated for the abuses.

On December 23, they filed a couple of class action lawsuits. The first against the Department of Homeland Security, the Atlanta Office of the Immigration and Customs Service and the Georgia Detention Center.

And the second was before the Georgia Medical Council to revoke the medical license of gynecologist Mahendra Amin, who would have been responsible for these abuses and who was known as the « uterus collector », according to the first report of this case.

Among the applicants there are six mexican women, of whom we know the names of Yanira Oldaker, 36, Jaromy Floriano, 28, and Ana Adán, 25.

In mid-December the story was released to the media. In MILLENNIUM, we told you that a whistleblower who worked at the Irwin Detention Center made this abuse public. Nurse Dawn Wooten said that since 2018 several women had filed complaints about these abuses, including hysterectomies and contraceptive interventions, without their full consent or without being fully informed.

The testimony of the first woman to break the silence, Pauline Binam, from Cameroon, was also released. His sister, Nicole, told MILLENNIUM as Pauline went for a procedure to remove a cyst, but underwent a hysterectomy, leaving her sterile.

Azadeh Shahshahani, director of Georgia’s Project South, told Milenio in September that they had already identified several migrant women who had been victims of these abuses. What they had some medical records, but that the lack of transparency on the part of the immigration authorities and the fact that some women had already been deported, complicated the situation. Therefore, they called on the US Congress to investigate the situation.

The Secretariat of Foreign Relations of Mexico assured that looked for the migrants, contacted them and their lawyers, and they accompanied them in the legal processes to present the lawsuit.

Today, finally and after the collective lawsuits, all the migrants were no longer in the custody of the immigration authorities.