In flower jumpsuit, Cynthia Rodríguez looks flirtatious and happy

In flower jumpsuit, Cynthia Rodríguez looks flirtatious and happy | Instagram

The singer-songwriter Cynthia Rodríguez once again conquers the hearts of all her followers by showing herself in a floral jumpsuit that enhanced her beauty accompanied by a big smile.

It is the flower patterns that particularly bring joy to the pretty girl “host of Venga la Alegría“According to the famous 38-year-old.

The one born as Cynthia Deyanira in Monclova, Coahuila, is one of the most acclaimed and popular faces, not only in the morning in which she collaborates but also in the Tv Azteca production house of which she has been a member since her time on the La Academia reality show. .

Today, the composer, actress and presenter conquers the hearts of all through the screens and in social networks where every day she shares her best looks and it was one who recently confessed is one of her favorites and one of the ones that she enjoys wearing the most.

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The dancer and “youtuber” who has an enviable silhouette and who maintains perfectly has become a “model” of several fashion brands and it was recently Rodríguez Ruiz who shared a beautiful photo with a very fresh and perfect outfit to withstand the high summer temperatures while still looking chic.

Flowers make me smile, wrote the Azteca Uno diva, followed by a purple heart

“Beautiful inside and out”, commented @anetteoficial, “Always so cool”, added @valerycarranza, “Beautiful”, commented @lauragii, Carlos Rivera’s girlfriend was not only flattered and praised by her colleagues from “Venga la Alegría” , were his loyal fans in the popular network, who also dedicated nice words to him.

What a beautiful smileaaaaaa, ‘How beautiful your heels and your clothes, and your smile and your hair and your attitude … ahhh’, ‘That smileaa !!! So precious’, and more if they come from Carlos Augusto … I love them

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They were some of the messages to the so-called “Princess Grupera” who on several occasions leaves more than one of her loyal fans speechless with her charm, beauty and attitude.

Likewise, in various publications he has made it clear which is one of his favorite patterns par excellence, flowers in all their colors and shades are present in several of his fashion proposals.

Both in dresses and outfits, Cynthia Rodríguez takes over the trends and imposes her style, which is praised by her followers whom she inspires every day.

The charismatic has declared herself a disciplined assiduous to the fitness life which also allows her to keep her figure at bay, although she has also confessed that she would become friends with the scalpel after undergoing a few touch-ups.

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Today Cynthia Deyanira Rodríguez Ruiz has become the sensation not only of the small screen but also a fashion master by letting herself be seen with outfits that are the ideal look in each of the seasons.

The remembered participant of La Academia, who also has an important career after belonging to the popular talent reality show in 2005, obtaining fourth place in the competition.

During her prolific career, Deyanira Rodríguez Ruiz has interpreted several themes from the main telenovelas, including: “If you are not with me”, “The force of destiny”, “Something between the two” with Raúl Sandoval.

As an actress, Cynthia has participated in 7 soap operas and 3 unit series; All broadcast by Azteca 13, in her role as a host she has collaborated on 5 television programs, 2 of them on Azteca América.

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Today the famous woman is going through a moment not only professional but also personal since apparently, the courtship with Carlos Rivera is going from strength to strength and although apparently there are no wedding plans so far, Anette Cuburú’s colleague, El “Capi “Pérez, Laura Gii, Brandon Peniche, among other figures in the broadcast, have openly declared themselves in love with the singer Carlos Rivera.

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