“In ‘First dates’ I look for a person who is not stupid, I do not care about the physique”

About tastes colors, or so they say, because for Marta beauty is not on the outside, but in the head. The Albacete came to First dates on Tuesday with clear ideas: “I come looking for a person who is not stupid, I do not care about the physique,” he acknowledged.

“Leonardo DiCaprio can come, who, if he is stupid, will seem very ugly to me”, the young woman admitted to Carlos Sobera before meeting her date. Besides, Marta did not know until the last moment if it was a boy or a girl.

It was finally a woman Plains, which impressed the Albacete: “I was excited that she was a girl and that she is beautiful, she is a being of light. I really liked her smile and her eyes. “

Llanos, in ‘First dates’ MEDIASET

After meeting at the bar of Cuatro’s local, both went to the table to have dinner and get to know each other a little more., where they talked about their future plans or their dreams: “I would love to take a caravan and travel,” Llanos commented.

“He was a huge fan of High School Musical and I was totally in love with Zac Efron, But things have changed, the only man that attracts me in this world is himI don’t like the rest because they are … Men? “, said the Psychology student.

The connection between the two was very good, so much so that Marta did not hesitate to state that “Of course I would have a second date with Llanos.” But the Albacete, for its part, did not want to meet again “to have anything sentimental, but as friends yes, that you are an aunt of ten “.

Marta and Llanos, in 'First dates'.Marta y Llanos, in ‘First dates’ MEDIASET