“In Europe no one thinks of saying that the good guys are the ultras”

The leader of United We Can and purple candidate for the 4-M elections, Pablo Iglesias, accused Vox leaders on Thursday of being responsible for the police charges that took place on Wednesday during the training rally in the Madrid district from Puente de Vallecas. “Everyone knows exactly what they were going for” and “if something like this happened in another country in Europe, no one would think of saying that the good guys are the ultras and the bad guys are the neighbors who reject fascism, “denounced Iglesias.

The leader expressed this through a video shared on his social networks a day after the riots, which resulted in at least 35 injured and four arrested. Iglesias blamed the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, for being the instigator of the first police charge that sparked the altercations, and assured that that was precisely what Vox was looking for. “They insult the neighbors, they threaten them, they throw objects at them” and, “when they see that it is not working for them and that they were not going to get what they were looking for, Abascal from the rostrum says to get them “, holds the purple candidate.

In Iglesias’ opinion, it was the leader of Vox who, “surrounded by several of his thugs, shoved the police cordon off causing a charge that also leaves several journalists beaten,” a strategy that, he said It is the “usual of the extreme right”. And “here the official story on almost all televisions is that Vox has the right to go to provoke violence wherever it wants, and that the problem is the neighbors of Vallecas, the world turned upside down,” protests the leader of United We Can.

“It is becoming normal for a party to say that it wants to deport Spaniards for being black, that it openly vindicates the dictatorship or that, when some soldiers say they want to shoot 26 million Spaniards for being red, they say that they are its people. And circulate, that Nothing happens here, “Iglesias warns in his video, in which he also charges against the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for “saying that fascism is the good side of history.” “Well, no, on the right side of history are the residents of Vallecas, and this should be understood by any democrat,” ditch.

For Iglesias, “there is no room for any nuance and no equidistance”, because “fascism is not a respectable option” in democracy. “Racism is not a respectable option. Homophobia is not a respectable option. Machismo is not a respectable option. And rejecting all this is not only legitimate, it is a duty for any democrat, because being anti-fascist is a matter of minimal ethics. democratic “, assures the leader of United We Can.