Today we bring you the review of one of the latest proposal in a matter of keyboards for gamer, the new HyperX Alloy Elite 2, a new proposal that wants to attract an audience looking for a device to play, but also to work and even as a multimedia accessory.

This new version of the keyboard maintains two of the pillars of the original: a steel structure that gives it resistance and considerable weight, some keys dedicated to lighting, a gamer profile and the multimedia section. To this is added some new keycaps that allow to amplify the RGB lighting, under which we find the HyperX Red switches of our own manufacture.

In recent weeks it has been my bedside keyboard, the one I have used to play games but also to work and even to “control” the sound of a movie I have seen. Now it’s time to do the corresponding review, tell you what we thought and what opinion you have left us, so let’s go with it.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2

A design that “looks” like few others

The HyperX Alloy Elite 2 is a full keyboard, meaning that it has its corresponding number and function block. This gives it a width of 444mm and a depth of 174mm that completes with a height of 37.4mm on whose surface the keys protrude. These measurements are slightly larger than what we are used to, but where the keyboard shoots up is the weight of 1,530 grams (including cable), whose main culprit is the steel structure that makes up the spine of the keyboard.

As far as design is concerned, this keyboard does not go unnoticed, consisting of the main body and an extra section at the bottom where the dedicated buttons are seated, both separated by an RGB line that runs the entire width.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2HyperX Alloy Elite 2

This top bar has some surprises to highlight, which we are going to see one by one. The first is on the right side, where we find some multimedia controls that allow us to advance, go back, pause and resume playback. We also have a button to mute and a cog wheel that allows us to raise or lower the volume.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2HyperX Alloy Elite 2

The second is found on the left side, where we find three buttons. The first one, located almost in the corner, allows us to control the brightness level of the RGB lighting on the keyboard. The second allows us to switch between the different lighting effects that we have configured, allowing us to completely change its lighting with a simple touch. Finally the third is dedicated to activate Gaming mode, which is intended to focus on the game and among other things disables the Windows button.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2HyperX Alloy Elite 2

From the central part of this bar comes a thick cable that forks towards the end and whose meaning has to do with the third remarkable element of this bar, which to find it we have to look for it in the rear part. At this point on the keyboard we are going to find an extra, a USB 2.0 port that allows us to connect a mouse or even a flash memory, thus avoiding having to look for a port on the PC to use it. It really is not that a port is added, since the cable dedicates one of the connectors to this USB, what is done is to make it more accessible when using it.

Brighter, shorter-travel keys

HyperX has swapped out the nondescript black Keycaps we commonly see for the newer HyperX Pudding, keys whose underside is white and translucent, allowing RGB lighting to pass through and look in a way that will drive color lovers crazy on their devices.

Each and every one of the larger keys, such as the intro, space bar and others, have extra supports to give them greater stability, although in this case they are black and are lighting, but they prevent the keys from dancing.

Curiously, we are not before keys built in PBT, but double-layer ABS has been chosen. This makes it a brighter keyboard, but it will be necessary to see how it resists the passage of time, although of course with the double layer system they ensure that the letters will not be erased.

Under each key we do not find the Cherry MX Red of the first version, but this time we have opted for use your own switches, the HyperX Red.

The new ones HyperX Red, like the Cherry MX Red are linear, but have a 1.8 mm activation travel and 3.8 mm total travel, slightly inferior to the Cherry model. This means that in theory they are not only smooth in the typing, but also that they are a little faster, also HyperX claims that they are more durable since they hold up to 80 million keystrokes.

Finally we have to talk about the lower part, an area where we find a design in two heights that give it a more aggressive appearance and that matches the recesses that we also find on the sides.

We also find four rubber areas so that it does not move, something already complicated by the weight, and two two-height legs to adjust the inclination.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2 Specifications

Features: DimensionsWidth 444.0 mm Depth 174.0 mm Height 37.4 mm Weight (keyboard and cable) 1530 grams 1.8 m braided cable Swicth: HyperX Linear operating network Operating force 45 g Applied point 1.8 mm Total travel distance 3.8 mm Life useful life (pulses) 80 million RGB backlighting with five brightness levels Integrated memory for 3 profiles USB 2.0 Anti-ghosting 100% Simultaneous push N-key mode Multimedia control Game mode Multiplatform compatibility

Ngenuity to customize to your liking

HyperX has its own software that allows us to customize and configure your devices. With this we can customize the lighting of the Alloy Elite 2, but also add macros, create profiles and modify the operation of the game mode, customizing it to our liking.

In general, it is not too complicated to use and the options are quite complete, being a complement that is convenient to have and learn to use, especially if we want to take full advantage of this keyboard when playing, since being able to add keys macro always give us a plus in our games. However, there are some aspects to improve, since you have to dig into it to find the Gamelink function, which allows you to adjust the settings depending on the game you are going to play.

Use experience

Before talking about the experience of use, it should be clarified that comes with layout in english from the United States, which is something quite incomprehensible to us today in a keyboard that is sold in the Spanish market. Despite this, this is not usually an impediment as long as you have some practice writing.

The first impression of this keyboard is of resistance, something that is partly due to its great weight and is that it is one of the heaviest I have had. Wherever you put it, don’t worry that it won’t move a bit.

HyperX wants to offer a keyboard that not only serves to play, but also allows us to work with it for hours. Its keys offer an experience of pleasant pulsation, without being very noisy but maintaining that mechanical keyboard touch that the gamer public appreciates so much. Its switches have a slightly shorter travel than those that Cherry MXs have used to, but the difference is minimal, so it doesn’t take long to get used to it.

If there is something that makes the Alloy Elite 2 stand out, it is the lighting, including a line that only has as justification to separate two areas of the keyboard, but in practice it is to try to put light where possible. The result can only be described as exaggerated, my friends having come to say that my desk “looks like a disco” with so much light, but sincerely I have loved it. As a plus the dedicated button allows us to turn off the lighting, so when it needed to get serious and work, a couple of clicks is all I have to do.

As an extra detail to say that the ABS keys instead of the PBT is possibly a choice to reduce costs, something that also applies to the disappearance of the wrist rest that its predecessor had, but that I honestly did not expect in a model of this range.

Its extra buttons and even its USB port are appreciated, HyperX has not worried about size, but has focused on offering the maximum possible use options, so we have everything at hand and accessible, which is appreciated on all at the time of work.


With a sale price of € 159.99 the Hyperx Alloy Elite 2 is uA keyboard that stands out on its own. Basically it is an update of the keys and switches of the original model to try to give it an air more in line with what the current gamer public demands. In this aspect they have succeeded since visually it is impossible that it does not attract attention, while the use of its HyperX Red switch has shown that it has nothing to envy the competition.

Some extras such as the wrist rest of the first version are missing, which would have completed the set, but we imagine that the reason for not including it would be not to increase its price. If what you are looking for in a complete and robust keyboard, that stands out when you need it and that when you have to work gives you a soft click that does not tire you, the Alloy Elite 2 is an option to consider

HyperX Alloy Elite 2

€ 159.99

HyperX Alloy Elite 2 HyperX Alloy Elite 2

In favor

Design USB 2.0 port Multimedia keys Steel frame Dedicated keys


ABS Keycaps A fingerprint magnet

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