Since the coronavirus pandemic was unleashed, we have seen how thousands of people are finding relief in music for these difficult times. Many are going out on the balconies of their houses to encourage each other singing, some improvised just did not get this (cof cof, Santa Fe) but on the other hand we have cases that have gone around the world like the one in Italy, and this time in America he is using the great Bill Withers’ “Lean On Me” in order to bring some hope on gray days.

Before we find out about sadly death of the soul singer at 81, residents of a quarantined Dallas apartment building decided to look out from their balconies and put together a huge choir to sing the song that Bill Withers It became popular in 1972 and it brings a fairly encouraging message while much of the world is in social isolation: You can lean on others in difficult times.

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According to media like NPR, This beautiful postcard was organized by the host of the Texas KLTY radio station, Bonnie Curry., who was inspired by watching the videos of each and every one of the citizens of Italy singing, but realized that the building where he lives is full of windows and of course, a message like this in the midst of the pandemic would not hurt anyone. So Curry decided to organize something similar with his neighbors and used “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers. Because according to her: “Everything that song tells me says what we all need to do right now. There are people around us who need help. ”

Your neighbor and tenor, Danzel Barber He was the one who started with this, that from his balcony began to sing the song. Later the other residents joined him in putting together a huge choir, some adding harmonies, others just peeking out the windows or recording everything with their phones and a few more that went out of tune and rhythmBut the important thing is the intention, right? He was precisely one of the residents of the building that captured the moment for all of us.

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There is no doubt that music will always encourage us to get ahead, and There is no better way to pay tribute to Bill Withers than this way, using his songs to bring joy and a positive message to the people in this quarantine.. Check below the video: