In cute pajamas, Kylie Jenner shows off from her bedroom

In cute pajamas, Kylie Jenner shows off from her bedroom | INSTAGRAM

It is very well known that American millionaire Kylie Jenner is a fan of makeup and, in general, extravagances, however, and outside of what she has used to, last night, she showed us her flirty and comfortable pajamas, and she was seen without wearing any makeup while giving an important warning.

He usually shows us what he can do with his skincare products, as he has done on previous occasions, with all kinds of images Y videos of her bare skin, where both her loyal audience and we have been speechless at the results.

From their endearing stories of Instagram, the young businesswoman looks radiant on her beautiful face, while giving notice that next month we will be seeing her new products, within the catalog of Kylie skin, and not even she can with the emotion.

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With two flirty videos as a piece of entertainment for her loyal fans, and in order to show us the beautiful results of the use of her line of skin care products, we can assure that, thanks to them, the skin of her beautiful face will not be deteriorates before the great use of cosmetics.

Same that we know that he uses regularly, then, both for his nights out, his events in the day or his Photo shoots, the beautiful girl must put on makeup, using a large number of products, which, although we know that she uses hers and they are of the best quality, putting so many items on her face can be harmful to the skin in the long run

The advantage of Stormi’s mother is that he has a line of products precisely made for the latter, and every time he can, he shows us images of himself, using them, and showing the beautiful results, thanks to his “skin care” routine, just as he did in these videos.

Let us emphasize that this was not the first time that the owner of Kylie Skin has appeared with very little makeup on social networks, and we certainly do not think it is the last, not long ago she was totally without cosmetics on her face, but, using a moisturizing serum, with which your skin rehydrated and looked spectacular.

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Despite the fact that the young woman has dispensed with makeup to spend a day at home, her beauty routine has not lacked the products of her facial care line, and whenever she has the opportunity, she labels the profile of her brand in her publications. , to make it clear that the result of having a face so hydrated, fresh and so beautiful, are its own products.

Also, we know that makeup is an element without which you cannot even imagine all the members of the Kardashian Jenner clan, from Kourtney Kardashian to Kendall Jenner, they have become famous, among other things, for promoting makeup techniques and taking out to the market various lines of products to beautify the face.

Therefore, every time one of them appears with her face washed in her respective social network, Internet users go crazy, and the last to do so has been the millionaire younger sister, in addition, we know that there is no one better to promote their own products more than herself.

This is exactly what she just did, Kylie through her stories, showed off her clean, hydrated and pearly skin, demonstrating the effects of some of her facial creams, which, apparently, are one of the best on the market at the moment. , while flirting with all his followers in splendid brown satin pajamas, which we believe is from his older sister’s signature.