In Chimalhuacán, they refuse to end the party and attack the police

Zuleyma Garcia

Valley of Mexico / 02.17.2021 20:29:48

Two policemen with head injury and a civilian head injury was the balance left a brawl between a group of people and police from Chimalhuacán, when the latter tried to deter a clandestine party.

Neighbors of the Canteros neighborhood informed local authorities about the festivities that were carried out and requested support from the local police, since in addition to being a source of transmission of covid-19, drank alcoholic beverages and disturbing public order.

Upon reaching the point located on Villa Victoria Street, the designated ones became aggressive and when the elements asked them to stop the party, those indicated they attacked them with sticks, stones and rods.

« Citizen Security elements, assigned to the surveillance of Region II, went to Villa Victoria Street to urge the group of people to leave the place, at all times they applied protocols attached to respect for Human Rights; however, they were received by a mob, which immediately attacked the uniformed« , detailed the city council through a statement.

Because people outnumbered the policemen, they decided to retreat into the units, a situation that those named apparently took advantage of to try to disarm one of the elements.

The result of the fight was a female injured in the upper area of ​​the head, which received first aid from municipal paramedics, who transferred her to the Gustavo Baz Hospital in the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, where she is reported stable.

Meanwhile, Citizen Security reported two elements with injuries due to blunt objects, with head trauma, ruptured nasal septum, contusions to the chest, head and arms.

They urge to respect contingency

The municipal corporation exhorted the population to respect the sanitary measures, since, still « We meet at the Orange Traffic Light with restrictive measures for meetings in public spaces, it is recommended to stay at home, if they have to go out to work or for basic necessities, wear face masks, wash their hands and carry antibacterial gel with them « .