In CDMX vaccinated bureaucrats return to work on Monday, June 28


As of Monday, June 28, 2021, the public servants of the Public Administration and Mayors of Mexico City, who received the corresponding doses of the vaccine against the Sars-Cov-2 virus (COVID-19), or, that according to the vaccination schedule they have had the right to receive it, they will return to work in person at their offices.

This was announced in the Sixty-fourth Notice by which the color of the epidemiological traffic light of Mexico City is disclosed, as well as the health protection measures that must be observed derived from the Sanitary Emergency due to COVID-19, which is published in the Official Gazette of the capital.

In accordance with the above document, it is intended to guarantee “the right to good public administration that every person in the City has, safeguarding the effectiveness and efficiency of public services, in accordance with the principles of generality, uniformity, regularity. , continuity and quality “.

In the same document it was indicated that in order to guarantee the labor rights of workers, each dependency, entity and body of the Public Administration, as well as the Mayor’s Offices, will determine the specific measures that, according to their infrastructure, must be observed, following the guidelines of health protection that the offices of the public administration of Mexico City must comply with, within the framework of the gradual plan towards the new normal, available for consultation at that link


Public servants will have:

Personal protective equipment according to its activity, the degree of exposure and attention to the public, as well as the condition of vulnerability.

The personal protective equipment will be, at least, face masks, preferably made of cloth and will increase according to the following levels and specifications:

Basic in installations: face masks, preferably made of fabric.

Dialogue and contact with other people for public service: mask, face shield or face shield and / or eye protection glasses.

Medical care: latex gloves, professional surgical three-layer mask, face shield or face shield, protective eyewear or goggles, and disposable gown.

Sampling: latex gloves, N95 mask, face shield or face shield, eye protection glasses or goggles and disposable gown, tyvek type overalls, surgical cap and boot.

As long as the public user who comes to the offices must:

It is compulsory to enter the facilities with face masks and / or protective masks. Follow the instructions of the personnel responsible for the security of the property in which you are present.

The healthy distance must also be respected.

It will be necessary to remain in the work area, only the personnel who perform their functions there, avoiding the entry of people outside the area.

Avoid the crowding of more than 5 people in common areas and in work meetings, which should have a maximum duration of 15 minutes.

Preference should be given to non-face-to-face work meetings, by remote means, taking advantage of available resources: platforms for videoconferencing, telephone, email


As for the user public, they must remain in government offices with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between one user and another, according to the signage of the place.

Avoid crowds in public service areas, for which only the interested party will be allowed access, except in those cases where it is a population belonging to groups at risk or vulnerability that require help.

Priority should be given to people over 60 years of age, pregnant or lactating women and people with disabilities.

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