In Boston, USA, 1,900 doses of the virus vaccine are wasted


Boston / 23.01.2021 21:24:46

About 1,900 of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Moderna Inc. broke down at the veterans hospital in Boston, United States, after a contractor accidentally unplugged a freezer, hospital officials announced.

Staff at the Jamaica Plain Veterans Medical Center discovered Tuesday that a freezer had failed, in which s1,900 doses of the covid-19 vaccine were wasted

Authorities discovered the freezer plug was loose after a contractor accidentally unplugged it during cleanup, according to a statement from the medical center spokesperson. Kyle toto. The freezer was in a safe place and had an alarm system, he added.

The system is investigating the cause of the incident and why the monitoring alarm system did not work. Toto stated that more doses are on the way and that officials « do not foresee an interruption » in the vaccination effort of the medical center.

The temperature problems have caused a great problem for the application of thousands of vaccines in other entities of the United States.

Nearly 12,000 doses of Moderna Inc.’s vaccine that were shipped to Michigan on Sunday were spoiled afterward. from having been refrigerated for too long.

In Wisconsin, a pharmacist faces criminal charges after authorities claimed that deliberately ruined about 500 doses of the vaccine by taking them out of the refrigerator for two nights, this because he was a believer in conspiracy theories about the vaccine.

The Moderna vaccine, like that of Pfizer and BioNTech, must be stored at regular freezing temperatures, however, the latter, which has already been authorized even by the World Health Organization, cannot remain refrigerated for too long.