In ÁO they will distribute a magazine on gender violence against women


Alberto Esteva, the mayor of Álvaro Obregón presented the second edition of the magazine Gender Violence and Gender Violence Alert against Women, which describes gender violence as a social problem.

The document contains themes that are widely recognized in the world, but historically normalized as natural in the formation of families.

It has 5 chapters in which the causes that lead to violence against women are described in order to prevent this situation, as well as actions established by the government for a life free of violence.

Chapter 1.- Concept of gender violence.

Chapter 2.- Radiography of the problem regarding the vision of gender violence in the country.

Chapter 3.- Manifestations of violence.

Chapter 4.- Actions that lead to femicide.

Chapter 5.- Government actions for a life free of violence.

The magazine highlights two themes: harassment and digital violence. It mentions the two reforms to the regulations on the matter, one to the Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence, known as the Olimpia Law and the other reform to the Criminal Code of Mexico City known as the Ingrid Law.

It places emphasis on violence prevention actions and that are constituted in workshops on substantive equality, participation in programs and social actions for women entrepreneurs, psychological and legal attention through the LUNAS program and in the Victims Attention Centers, as well as in the Directorate for the Development of Women of the Mayor’s Office Álvaro Obregón.

Mayor Alberto Esteva highlighted the importance of women in obtaining values ​​and how important their figure is in educational training and development “a woman is capable of raising a family, to form women and men of value, is to understand that in modern society we are equal and that we must build equity, we must be shared in all matters of responsibility, this is what this exercise refers to, that is what can make a difference in the change of society “, he said. .

The magazine Gender Violence and Gender Alert Against Women, has a circulation of around 40 thousand copies which will be distributed in various neighborhoods of the demarcation, as well as in strategic points such as the Civic Courts and Public Ministries that operate in the mayor Álvaro Obregón.

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