In an embroidered swimsuit, Demi Rose cools off and enjoys the breeze

In embroidered swimsuit, Demi Rose cools off and enjoys the breeze | INSTAGRAM

For those who enjoy the content of the beautiful model and British influencer Demi Rose today will be an excellent day, as we begin the week receiving a video from her, quite attractive, in which she shows off in front of the camera while enjoying the breeze and the freshness that she feels when wearing a embroidered swimsuit very pretty.

Today we will address this video so cute that he shared us with all his fans in which we can enjoy his charms once more but this time in a swimsuit Excellent colored embroidery that could barely with its charms, but that the adornments perfectly in front of the camera of his cell phone with which he recorded the clip seeking to pamper us and of course we enjoy its beauty a lot.

For the young British woman this is vital to keep her happy audience and with attractive images of her so that they continue to support her and like everything that goes up, making the brands she works with are satisfied that they have chosen her as their main model and also attracting other companies to invest in her for what they improve. economy and your life in general.

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In this video we can see how she loves to be observed, while playing with her hair, she looks at the camera as if it were her boyfriend or a boy she wanted to conquer, so she quickly succeeded and the fans agreed that she is one. of the best clips that you have posted lately.

While we wait for new publications from the young Rose, the best idea is to visit her stories section where she always places some very interesting entertainment pieces and in which she gives us a glimpse of her elegant life in Ibiza, Spain, the island of the party in where she lives with her two kittens and a puppy who keep her perfect company as well as visits from some of her friends who also manage to spend an excellent time with her.

Many of her fans would already like to be able to visit her and see her rose garden in person, one that by the way has not been showing itself lately with great pride since she is working as a gardener buying some accessories necessary for it such as gloves, garden scissors and much more always focused on taking care of them with a lot of love.


This shows quite a lot the quality of person that he is because he takes care of life in any way that is in the best possible way, enjoying every little detail that the earth has given us and of course God, whom he thanks a lot for being where the day is. today in your career.

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It has not been easy at all because I have had to overcome many difficulties, negative situations and all that that happens in life that makes it so interesting but at the same time something difficult and who said it would be easy but she does not lose hope and she is always looking to get ahead and improve herself every day.

It should be remembered that at the beginning of her career she was in high school living one of her worst moments, very sad and without friends, but when she began to publish her photos on the internet, she discovered that audience that did not know that she was there for her willing to support her and be there for her at any time she needed it with her messages, likes, comments and everything that Internet users do for her.